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The senior writer at Sports Illustrated Chris Ballard shares the incredible true David and Goliath story about the small town of Macon, Illinois in 1971, a hippie high school baseball coach, hometown heroes and an inspirational season that may never happen again.

If you liked the classic basketball movie Hoosiers, you will want to hear this podcast.  One of America's top sports writers, Chris Ballard joins the Athlete 1 Podcast host Ken Carpenter and discusses his book - One Shot At Forever. A testament to the power of high school sports!

In this episode...

  • The positive impact from empowering the players (Coach Lynn Sweet)
  • The bond between coaches, players and the community
  • How one game can impact a player for life (Steve Shartzer)
  • What Atlanta Braves Manager - Brian Snitker learned from Coach Sweet
  • When your small school (250 students) is matched against a big school with 5,200 students


  • Additional stories from Chris Ballard books and Sports Illustrated articles

Books Written by Chris Ballard

- One Shot At Forever
- The Art of A Beautiful Game
- Hoops Nation - A Guide To America's Best Pick-Up Basketball
- The Butterfly Hunter  Adventures OF People Who Found Their True Calling Way Off The Beaten Path

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