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Everybody has an opinion on MLB players who used performance enhancing drugs during the steroid era.  Imagine playing in AAA and your manager looks at you and says if you  would start taking steroids, you would be in the major leagues.   

That is what Mike Lockwood faced battling his way through the minor leagues playing in the Oakland A's and Boston Red Sox organizations.  Baseball came naturally to the former Ohio State standout outfielder.  Mike took advice from his dad and chose not to do what a lot of players were doing.  Taking steroids to improve their chances of making or staying on an MLB roster.

In this episode, Mike Lockwood discusses how the game of baseball gave him an opportunity to get a college degree and play 10 seasons of professional baseball.

  • From high school standout to setting records for the Ohio State Buckeyes
  • Being drafted by the Oakland A's
  • Playing injured for Red Sox manager Terry Francona
  • AAA manager telling him steroids would get him in the show
  • Unbelievable story while playing professionally n Taiwan
  • Coaching his sons, strong morals and working hard
  • What it takes to make it at the next level

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