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How Sports Develops Character For Life Beyond The Game - Stephen Mackey

July 13, 2022

How Sports Develops Character For Life Beyond The Game - Stephen Mackey
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Being a part of a team can be one of the most valuable lessons you can learn as a high or college student/athlete.   Stephen Mackey breaks down his program that teaches how to develop character for life beyond the game.

After a conversation with a friend, Mackey decided to quit his job and pursue a career that has lead him to develop a curriculum on character development for over 600,000 student/athletes and coaches around the country.  

  • Connecting the dots between sports and life
  • Having an intentional game plan for character development
  • Differences between failure and winning
  • WSJ Best Selling book: The Locker Room
  • 2 Words - Curriculum for athletes and coaches

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2 Words:  Mission
We’re on a mission to impact one million coaches and athletes with the 2Words Character Development Curriculum every week. We began this March to a Million because we believe that having big goals and big dreams is essential to finding success in sports and in life. This is a big goal, but with the help of coaches like you, we will achieve our dream of making a positive impact on the lives of one million coaches and athletes through the 2Words Character Development Curriculum.  Sign up today!